Dynamis Lithium 9V - Dependable Expendables

Dynamis Lithium 9V

  • $6.24

Our DYNAMIS Lithium Manganese 9 Volt Block provides a high nominal capacity of typically 1300 mAh (@ 900 Ohms, cut-off 5.0V). Under these conditions the working voltage at 9 mA discharge is widely constant around 9.0 Volts (starting from approx. 9.5 V) and the energy density is high. The block can be used in a temperature range from -30 deg C
(- 22 °F) to +85 deg C (185 °F).

The high performance of the LM9V-P product is completed by a very low self discharge (less than 0.17 % per month
@ 23 deg C) and a 10-year service life. High pulse current capability is also a major feature.

  • Ideal for high-power consption devices like wireless audio devices

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