ProTapes Pro Pocket Spike Tape Stack (1/2" x 6 yd)

  • $13.95

The 1/2" x 6 yd ProTapes Pro Spike Tape Stack contains 5 rolls of synthetic rubber-based adhesive, high thread count cloth tape. The easily hand-tearable tape unwinds smoothly, adheres securely and removes cleanly. It performs well on most flat as well as irregular surfaces. Uses include lighting accessory and wire tape down, cable bundling and labeling. 

Dark Colors Include 

Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Purple

Bright Colors Include

Red, Tan, Teal, White, Yellow

Fluorescent Colors Include 

Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue


  • High strength, high performance adhesion and tensile strength
  • Highly conformable to irregular surfaces
  • Weather resistant
  • High thread count
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Hand-tearable, printable matte surface
  • Smooth, controlled unwind
  • Short term resistance to high temperatures
  • Applications

  • HVAC
  • Color coding and labeling
  • Splicing
  • Temporary holding
  • Wire/cable hold down
  • Camera tape
  • Bundling
  • Sealing
  • Seat Repair
  • Dance floor marking
  • Decorative use

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