DHu Handheld Transmitter Body

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The DHu Handheld Body is a wideband compact transmitter with switchable 25/50 mW power and 256-bit encryption. It's part of the D Squared digital wireless system.

It's a versatile solution for a variety of wireless microphone applications including live performance, broadcast, and houses of worship. The design incorporates advanced features to provide high-quality speech and vocal reinforcement.

The transmitter benefits from a second generation design with specially developed, high efficiency digital circuitry for extended operating time on two AA batteries. The transmitter can tune across the UHF television band from 470.100 to 607.950 MHz, with a selectable output power of 25 or 50 mW. The pure digital architecture enables AES 256-CTR encryption for applications that require high level security.

Studio quality audio performance is assured by high quality components, wide range audio gain adjustment in fine increments, and a DSP-controlled, dual envelope limiter. Low frequency audio roll-off is adjustable to tailor the sound as needed for a variety of applications.

Interchangeable Capsules

Lectrosonics offers the HHC cardioid condenser capsule (sold seperately). Thread-on capsules from other manufacturers using a 1.25” opening and 28 thread pitch can also be used, including those from EV, Shure, Heil Sound, Earthworks, Telefunken, and others.

Selectable RF Transmission Power

The DHu transmitter allows the user to select from among two power settings depending on the needs of the situation. The lower RF power setting uses slightly less current to extend battery life. The higher power setting provides greater range and resistance to dropouts.


Setup is easy using membrane switches on a concealed control panel. An IR (infrared) port on the control panel allows settings to be transferred between receiver and transmitter.

A programmable switch on the outside of the housing can be configured as a cough or mute switch, a power switch, or be bypassed.

The lower housing sleeve slides down for access to the control panel. Coarse threads on the sleeve hold the sleeve firmly in place during use, but allow easy access to the control panel for setup and adjustment.

The lower housing sleeve slides down for access to the control panel. Coarse threads on the sleeve hold the sleeve firmly in place during use, but allow easy access to the control panel for setup and adjustment.

The function of the button on the back of transmitter below the capsule can be configured as follows:

  • (none) bypasses the switch.
  • Mute operates as a toggle. One press and release mutes the audio, and the next restores the audio.
  • Cough is a momentary audio mute when the button is held in. Audio is restored as soon as the button is released.
  • Power operates in the same manner as the power button membrane switch on the control panel. Press and hold for a countdown, or a brief press to access a menu.

Battery Compartment

The battery contacts hold the batteries firmly to prevent audible “rattle” when the transmitter is shaken. An eject lever releases one end of the batteries to make it easier to remove them.

Frequency range 470.100 - 607.950 MHz
Frequency selection steps Selectable; 100 kHz or 25 kHz
RF Power output Selectable; 25 or 50 mW
Frequency stability ± 0.002%
Digital Modulation 8 psk
Spurious radiation Compliant ETSI EN 300 422-1 v1.4.2
Operating temperature range -20° C to +50° C
Input compressor Dual envelope compressor, >30 dB range
Gain control range 45 dB; semi-log menu-driven control; 1 dB steps
Modulation indicators Dual bicolor LEDs indicate modulation of -20, -10, 0 and +10 dB referenced to full modulation; LCD bar graph
Frequency response 40 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 1dB)
Low frequency roll-off -3 dB @35, 50 and 70 Hz; selectable; 36 dB/octave
Battery 2x AA with polarity protection and battery ejector
Battery life At 50 mW: 5 hours (Duracell Quantum); battery status is transmitted to Lectrosonics receivers
Capsule Interface 1.25” opening and 28 thread pitch
Power available 5V, 25 mA max
Input impedance 1000 Ohms
Weight 12.1 oz. with batteries and HHC capsule
Dimensions 9.5” long x 1.97” diameter at largest point
Emission Designator 200KG1E

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