DSR4 EXT Bottom Plate Adapter w/USB

DSR4 EXT Bottom Plate Adapter w/USB

  • $199.00

The Lectrosonics DSR4EXTUSB is a bottom plate adapter for the DSR4 four-channel digital slot-in receiver that adds USB-C functionality, allowing you to use Lectrosonics' Wireless Designer software for monitoring, channel setup, scanning, and frequency coordination. The plate also provides two external audio outputs via TA5M connectors and a 4-pin Hirose DC jack for power. Firmware updates must be done with the micro-USB connector on the top panel of the unit. A power cable is not included.

Key Features
  • Bottom Adapter Plate
  • Adds USB-C Port to DSR4 Receiver
  • Two TA5M Audio Connectors
  • Hirose 4-Pin Power Connector
  • Use Receiver with Wireless Designer
  • Remote Control over Receiver Functions

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