HipShot Camera Belt Support

  • $595.00

These are the last few Hipshots in stock. Once they are gone they are gone! HipShot is a tool for professional handheld camera operators that offers a stable waist- high video camera support platform. It is contoured to fit all pro-format shoulder mounted cameras as well as DSLR rigs. Stable camera operation is possible with just one hand, it’s ideal for long scenes with seated subjects, low-angle interviews, or where on-the-fly operation is desired. HipShot’s positive auto-lock keeps cameras safely supported and when not in use, HipShot easily folds down out of the way.

It was designed with operator comfort in mind. the camera weight is distributed over a nylon-covered pad that rests against the leg and enables camera operation while standing with proper posture. The standard athletic-cut waist belt provides excellent back support with full mobility. It can even hold additional tools that ENG operators require.


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