Lectrosonics DSQD/AES3 4-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver with AES3 Outputs (470 to 608 MHz)

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Key Features
  • For Broadcast, Film, Theater, Touring
  • 4x Digital Audio Channels, 1/2 Rackspace
  • 2 x AES3 Digital Outputs
  • 138 MHz Wideband Tuning Range

The Lectrosonics DSQD/AES3 packs four wideband receivers with analog XLR and AES3 digital outputs into a compact, half-rack chassis that fits into a cart or even a bag. Part of the D-Squared Series and powered by 4th generation Lectrosonics digital technology, the unit delivers the company's high-standards of reliability, flexibility, and studio-quality audio to professionals in TV, broadcast, and film as well as houses of worship, theater, and concert venues.

Audio fidelity is outstanding with a flat 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, wide dynamic range, 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio encoding, digital transmission, and ultralow latency. The DSQD tunes continuously across the extended UHF band from 470 to 608 MHz. It features tracking filters that stay centered on the selected frequency, ensuring excellent RF performance even in difficult environments. Three selectable diversity modes can be employed, depending on the needs of the application. The DSQD is optimized for the DBu bodypack and DHu handheld digital transmitters, but is also backward-compatible with any Digital Hybrid wireless transmitter. Three levels of AES 256-CTR encryption are available when using digital transmitters.

The streamlined menu structure makes the unit easy to use and quick to set up with auto-scan and two-way IR sync. A large, high-resolution backlit LCD and large membrane switches provide an intuitive interface that is highly visible in daylight or dimly lit conditions. The DSQD can be programmed and monitored over its USB or Ethernet connections using the Wireless Designer software for Mac/Windows (free download available separately). The software allows for off-line full-system frequency coordination, greatly reducing setup time.

Antenna ports on the rear panel accept input from remote antennas. The antenna "loop-thru" cascade outputs use an internal multicoupler, enabling you to run multiple receivers from a single pair of antennas without the need for additional components. The DSQD includes a hardware needed to mount two units together, yielding 8 channels in 1 RU. If you're rackmounting only a single DSQD, the RMPM2T-1 mounting kit (available separately) is required.

Backward Compatibility

The DSQD/AES3 is backward compatible with any Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters including the SM Series, LT, HM Series, SSM, HH Series, UM400, UM400a, LM Series, MM Series, and WM. It can also pick up channels from an M2T duet transmitter or a DCHT portable stereo transmitter.

System Performance

  • 1.4 ms latency, transmitter input to analog output, using a digital transmitter
  • <2.9 ms latency, transmitter input to analog output, using any Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitter
  • THD+N of 0.05% at 1 kHz, -10 dBFS
  • 108 dB of dynamic range

Three Levels of Diversity Reception

Switched: The receiver selects the antenna with the best signal. In this mode, there are four receivers available.


Ratio: Two receiver channels can be paired as one receiver. Both channels are set on the same frequency. One receiver in the pair is fixed on Antenna A, while the other receiver is fixed on Antenna B. The DSQD/AES3 automatically uses whichever receiver’s RF signal quality is better.

Frequency: Two receiver channels are paired as one receiver. Each channel is set to a different frequency. The DSQD/AES3 automatically uses whichever receiver’s RF signal quality is better.

Three Levels of Encryption

Standard: This is the highest level of security. The receiver tracks the number of keys generated and the number of times each key is transferred. Once a Standard key has been transferred 256 times, the software alerts you that a new key must be created.


Shared: There are an unlimited number of shared keys available. Once generated by the DSQD/AES3 and transferred to the transmitter, the encryption key is available to be shared (synced) by the transmitter with other transmitters/receivers via the IR port.

Universal: This is the most convenient encryption option available. All encryption-capable Lectrosonics transmitters and receivers contain the Universal Key. The key does not have to be generated by the DSQD/AES3. Simply set a Lectrosonics encryption-capable transmitter and the DSQD/AES3 to Universal, and the encryption is in place.

Infrared Sync

The DSQD/AES3 has a bidirectional IrDA interface that allows quick syncing of settings and encryption keys to transmitters with the push of a button.

Large Color LCD Display

On the home screen, the high-resolution color display shows activity for all four channels including operating frequencies, RF levels with 10 seconds of history, audio levels, transmitters' battery levels, and mute status.

Wireless Designer Software

Wireless Designer software integrates the digital and Digital Hybrid Wireless into a single control panel with site scanning and frequency coordination. The software can be used while connected to the DSQD/AES3 or off-line in planning a large multichannel system.

Other Features

  • Digital talkback capability when used with talkback-enabled transmitters
  • Stereo headphone jack with retractable headphone volume knob for audio monitoring per channel
  • Antenna bias power can be engaged in the menu, and front-panel LEDs show the status
  • Serial input and output ports for connecting receivers to each other for data sharing
  • Adding a pair of ALP690 active antennas increases the range of your system and offers increased protection against interference

In the Box

  • Lectrosonics DSQD/AES3 4-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver with AES3 Outputs (470 to 608 MHz)
  • (DCR15/4AU) Power Supply
  • (21926) USB Cable
  • (35800) Hex L Key Wrench
  • (25990) Bracket Rear Tie
  • (25991) Bracket Front Tie
  • (27076) Rack Flange Bracket
  • (27082) Rack Handle
  • 4 x (28885) SCR10 Cap Screws
  • 2 x (28950) Short Spacer Tubes
  • 2 x (28951) Long Cap Screws
  • 4 x (35664) Rubber Feet (Large)
  • (35959) Hole Plug
  • 2 x (A500RA20) Antennas
  • 2 x (A500RA22) Antennas
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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