Lectrosonics DSSM Charging Station

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Includes CHSDSSM 4-bay, drop-in charging station. Requires: DCR5/9AU Power Cable (sold separately)

The CHSDSSM 4-bay charging dock can be used with any variant of the Lectrosonics DSSM. This bay charges any mix of 4 units and/or LB-50 rechargeable Li-On (PN#40106-1) batteries and can be connected to 3 additional bays so that up to 16 batteries or units in any combination can be charged from a single DCR5/9AU power supply (sold separately); similar to the CHSIFBR1B.

Lectrosonics DCR5-9AU Power Cable


Lectrosonics DSSM Water-Resistant Micro Digital Wireless Transmitter


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