Lil Red Whip

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The Lil’ Red Whip

 Indie Film - Broadcast - ENG - Event Videographers- Sound Engineers


The Lil’ Red Whip is a MUST for every Sound Recordist, Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, Camera Operator or media professional!

How many times have you plugged headphones into a Camera, Portable Audio Mixer, Field Recorder, or other piece of equipment and the darn plug and wire stick out at a right angle to the device, snagging on cables or worse, getting Broken Off accidentally?? Are you using a rig with little clearance, a tight cage on your camera, or just impossible to get your fingers in there every setup?

The Lil’ Red Whip solves this dilemma with a very sleek LOW PROFILE right angle 3.5mm TRS plug connected via a short cable (approx 4”) to a slim 3.5mm TRS jack.

·         The connectors make firm and positive contact with a CLICK!

·         The cable is supple and will survive extreme conditions

·         Can be left connected to your mixer/recorder; just unplug the headphones!

·         Nickel-plated connectors provide superior protection against corrosion

·         AWG26 Stranded Copper Center Conductors

·         Low-Loss 95% Spiral-Wound Copper Shield

·         99.99% Pure Oxygen-Free Copper Wire

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