PSC Fourth Generation Bell and Light System

  • $346.25

Station Features

  • Dual Color Mode for Easy Set Traffic Coordination…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Omni View, 360 Degree Visibility…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Most Compact Stations in the Industry…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Most Rugged Stations in the Industry…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • 3-Way Flash Speed…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • 3-Way Mounting Threads, ¼-20, 3/8-16 and 5/8-27(Mic Stand Thread)…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Switchable Bell…..PSC Original Design Feature
  • Link Connector for Easy Daisy Chain Connections…..PSC Original Design Feature

Power Supply Features

  • Most Compact Power Supply in the Industry…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Operates up to 80 Stations…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Can be Operated Four Ways, Wired Manual, Wired Automatic, Wireless Automatic, Recorder Driven Wired Fully Automatic…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Fully Automatic Mode Self Generates Bell Start and Stop Pulses…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Optional Wireless Remote with Extreme Security and One Mile Range…..PSC Exclusive Feature

Controller Features

  • Smallest Controller on the Market…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Belt Clip Provided, and 3 Positions to Mount the Belt Clip…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Made in the USA Stainless Steel Flush Push Button Switches…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Uses Standard XLR Microphone Cables for Extensions…..PSC Exclusive Feature

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