Sanken CS-1e Moisture-Resistant Short Shotgun Microphone

Sanken CS-1e Moisture-Resistant Short Shotgun Microphone

  • $850.00

Record dialogue, foley, and sound effects in sterling sound quality with the Sanken CS-1e moisture-resistant short shotgun microphone mounted on your boompole or camera. Its focused reach, low noise, and ultrastrong output yield high-end audio performance in an incredibly lightweight design. With a fast power-up response and no controls to configure, the CS-1e is always ready to go.

The microphone exhibits a supercardioid polar pattern at low and midrange frequencies, and transitions to a lobar pattern at high frequencies, allowing it to attenuate the 90° off-axis points by about 10 dB from 250 Hz to 1 kHz, by 20 dB at 2 kHz, and by over 24 dB at 4 kHz. For independent and major film, television, and location recording gigs, the CS-1e is an ideal space-saving microphone that won't compromise the integrity of your audio and won't get in the way of your shot.

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