SMASHProps Breakaway 3 Piece Place Setting White/Opaque - Dependable Expendables

SMASHProps Breakaway 3 Piece Place Setting White/Opaque

  • $56.24

  • Universal design can be used in many time periods.
  • Breakaways are susceptible to temperature shock. They should be kept at room temperature, and not exposed to extremes in temperature. If you are going to put liquids in your breakaway bottle, be sure it is also room temperature, or else thermal shock may occur.
  • All SMASHProps brand breakaway glass products are made from trade secret formulations of several different types of materials. Wherever possible we use materials that are non-toxic, recyclable and safe. We do not use sugar.
  • Due to the extremely fragile nature of these products seller cannot guarantee that these items will arrive unbroken if shipped. If you received merchandise that is damaged, retain all materials and contact us so that we can submit a damage/loss claim with the shipping company (FedEx, USPS, etc). We ship all of our orders insured for the value of the order.

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